Meals on Wheels News: September 2023

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Meals on Wheels

ALL THINGS GOOD! Joy and Kimberly teamed up to cook the meal for the Meals on Wheels recipients on Thursday. They prepared Meatballs, Pinto Beans and Potato Salad served with sliced tomatoes and a roll. Spice Cake was for dessert. Deborah and Jo delivered this healthy meal. Thank you, ladies. You are appreciated by all.

A perfect meal for the Meals on Wheels recipients on a cool fall day on Thursday. Rev. Carol prepared sloppy joes and chunky-style potato salad with a chocolate chip cookie for dessert. Shelly, Janice, and Judy delivered. Thank you, ladies, for your continued dedication to this Christian ministry that truly is a blessing to the people of Alvord. There are currently 27 residents receiving meals Monday through Friday. There are several churches and organizations involved in this ministry. Thank you to all!

The Meals on Wheels recipients were served a “good-ole-fashioned southern” meal today of fried chicken tenders with cream gravy, baked beans, a roll, and a cookie with peppermint for dessert. Thank you to “The Sisters,” Cheryl, Donna, and Kim for their dedication to this ministry. Also, admiration for the deliverers, Janice, Shelly, and Jo for braving the heat once again to make sure these deserving people get a nutritious and filling meal.

Barb and Jo served a unique meal today to the Meals on Wheels recipients consisting of street tacos served with lime and chopped onions, “retried” beans garnished with grated mozzarella cheese, coleslaw dressed in a vinaigrette poppy seed and dried cranberry dressing, and key lime pie for dessert. Janice and Shelly along with Barb and Jo delivered the meals today. Thank you, ladies, for a job well done!