Meals on Wheels News: March 2023

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Meals on Wheels

Once again, our chefs and deliverers need applause. Pastor Carol and Margaret (not pictured) provided a very delicious and hearty meal of baked ham, country-style green beans, corn casserole, and dessert for the Meals on Wheels recipients. Shelly, Kay, and Janice are always on hand to deliver these meals. Thank you all for being dedicated to this awesome ministry in the Alvord community and surrounding area.

Our ever-dependable Meals on Wheels deliverers Shelly, Janice, and Kay delivered to the recipients a sack lunch of a meatloaf sandwich, coleslaw, and dessert prepared by Willett’s Barbeque. Thank you, ladies! We couldn’t do it without your faithfulness to this community mission. You all make a difference!!

Janice, Rachel, and Chad prepared a delicious meal for the Meals on Wheels recipients. The meal consisted of grilled chicken legs along with a pasta salad with veggies, a Hawaiian roll, and sweet bread. The meals were delivered to the recipients by Kay, Janice, and Shelly. As always, the volunteers each week are very much appreciated. Thank you!

Barb and Lucy prepared the perfect lunch for our Meals on Wheels recipients. Barb served beans with ham, cornbread, and fruit. Lucy and Dwayne (not pictured) supplied oatmeal and raisin cookies. Les, Janie, and Shelly delivered this warm and wholesome meal. As always, the volunteers who prepare and deliver the meals are appreciated. Thank you!

The “sisters” did not disappoint. Cheryl, Donna, and Kim cooked fried pork chops, cheesy potatoes, homestyle green beans, rolls, and “Polly’s” fruit cake cookies for the Meals on Wheels recipients. Charlie, Janice, and Shelly delivered this delicious meal. You all are appreciated for your service to the Meals on Wheels ministry. Thank you!