Meals on Wheels News: January 2023

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Meals on Wheels

A hearty and delicious meal of meatloaf, red beans, and macaroni salad prepared by Willett Barbeque, Alvord was delivered to the Meals on Wheels recipients. Janice and Shelly along with Charlie delivered the meals today (Charlie had already left when the picture was taken). As always, these volunteers are greatly appreciated.

As always, our volunteers prepared a delicious and nutritious meal for the Meals on Wheels recipients. Jo, Susan, and Julie prepared a cheesy sausage/vegetable casserole with a lettuce salad and cornbread. The dessert was a spice cake with cream cheese icing. Also, shout out to our deliverers, Janice, Shelly, and Kay. Thank you, ladies!

For the Meals on Wheels recipients, Janice and Shelly prepared pizza burgers with cheesy hash browns, a fruit cup, and a double chocolate chip cookie with Kisses. They, along with Kay, delivered this wonderful meal. Thank you, volunteers! This is a very worthwhile ministry for our church and community. Improving the lives of many.

The “Sisters” Cheryl, Kim, and Donna prepared a delicious meal for the Meals on Wheels recipients of Shake & Bake chicken legs, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, a roll, and Poly’s pecan pie, which is always an extra treat. They, along with Charlie, delivered these meals. Thank you to these individuals for their dedication to this very worthwhile ministry which improves the lives of many individuals in the Alvord area. We are currently serving 30 individuals.