From the Pastor’s Desk: August 31, 2023

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From the Pastor's Desk
Carol Sparks

Did you know that the number one epidemic in our society today is loneliness? I talk with people who appear well grounded and “happy” but share with me their pain of loneliness and disconnection.

While common definitions of loneliness describe it as a state of solitude or being alone, loneliness is actually a state of mind and spirit. Loneliness causes people to feel empty, alone, and unwanted. People who are lonely often crave true connection with others.

I like to play Legos with my boys. We start with a kaleidoscope of shapes, sizes, and colors of plastic pieces on the floor. As we connect each piece of plastic, we build a new creation.

21 The whole building is joined together in him, and it grows up into a temple that is dedicated to the Lord. 22 Christ is building you into a place where God lives through the Spirit. Ephesians 2:21-22

We are God’s Lego! We were designed for connection. We were built to be a “new creation” of God where we connect to one another. We were never designed to be free agents.

The Bible says, “I want us to help each other with the faith we have. Your faith will help me, and my faith will help you” (Romans 1:12 NCV).

We need the church. We need people who will love and support us no matter what we are going through. We need people who authentically care about us as well as feel safe enough to share how we feel. We need a place for holy relationships built by the Spirit.

Let’s eradicate this epidemic of loneliness by committing to fully participate in the relationships of our faith community and inviting others to come and feel wanted!

Pastor Carol