From the Pastor’s Desk: April 21, 2022

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From the Pastor's Desk
Carol Sparks

Everything changed at that moment. Everything changed with that event. Easter is a new start, a new creation.

The season after Easter is where we consider what it means to walk with Jesus into eternity. As disciples, we claim a responsibility, or better yet, an opportunity to be proclaimers. We are to share the experience of how it feels to live in the kingdom on this side of death. How does it feel to live in the kingdom on this side of death?

How you answer that question brings everything into focus on how you live in relation to others. The Good News you live is the Good News you proclaim. It is time to ask some real questions about our commitment to grow into the likeness of Christ.

When you look into your spiritual mirror, what to you see?

Rev. Carol D. Sparks
Hate Hurts. Grace Heals. Love Wins!