On the Porch with the Pastor: August 2020

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From the Pastor
Carol Sparks

When I was a child, I would visit my grandparents in East Tennessee each summer. One my favorite things to do was to sit out on the porch with my great grandfather. He would have his feet leaning against the old tree, tilted back in his metal lawn chair and rolling a stalk of grass between his teeth. We would talk about everything. He would ask me what I had done since last summer and I would ask him to tell me stories of when he was a boy in Alabama. I learned a lot about myself, life, and love sitting on the porch. It is from these fond memories that I have chosen to craft my newsletter article each month. My intent is to start conversations and share some of my everyday experience of God. When I need to reconnect with God because I have let my schedule or my worries become way too important, I picture God sitting on the porch waiting for me to show up.

Pastor Carol

Gratitudes from Pastor Veronica

Thank you!

I’m more than astounded by the generosity of you as my church family. From all the individual acts of doing small jobs getting my home ready, to supplying me with things for the new house and yard, and the generous monies given, I am brought to tears. I have striven all my life to be Miss Independent, but this disease has humbled me to lean on others and take steps of faith that are out of my character. Thank you for patiently walking with me to this point in time. Thank you also for blessing me during this transition in my life and I hope in some way I can continue to serve with you as the hands and feet of Christ in Alvord.

Pastor Veronica