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Get in STRIDE with the Congregation and Walk Closer with Jesus!

Be a disciple making disciples.

Spiritual Discipline of Generosity
Sunday, January 5, 2020
10:00 a.m.

Stride provide opportunities for spiritual growth for all persons connected to the congregation. If you’re not in worship, Sunday school class, bible study, prayer group, small study group, etc. on a weekly basis, how are you growing in your faith and in your role as a disciple of Jesus Christ?

The focus of our congregation will be for everyone to have an opportunity to grow in their faith. I’m asking each member/ family of the congregation to participate using our guide book, Stride, to self-evaluate and create a discipleship pathway for your life. This addresses our spiritual growth in nine different areas and each month our focus will be on each one as follows:

September 2019
Discipleship Overview

October 2019
Spiritual Discipline of Scripture

November 2019
Spiritual Discipline of Prayer

December 2019
Spiritual Discipline of Serving

January 2020
Spiritual Discipline of Generosity

February 2020
Spiritual Discipline of Worship

March 2020
Spiritual Discipline of Sabbath

April 2020
Spiritual Discipline of Community

May 2020
Spiritual Discipline of Witness

June 2020
Spiritual Discipline of Presence

If you cannot make a session, I will even meet with you on an individual basis at your convenience or provide a mentor to guide you. As your pastor and spiritual guide, I want to help you mature in your faith.

Remember discipleship is a continuous process.

Love in Christ,
Pastor Veronica