Cultivating Believers

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praying hands on Bible


We returned to the sanctuary this past Sunday. It was a blessing to have some of our membership sitting in the pews. Our Facebook Live will continue and we are working on how to improve that overall experience. We will have Communion Sunday the first Sunday of September.


We have a very long “Prayer Concerns” list, which can be difficult when using this as a tool for prayer. I am going to format the list a little differently but as always, I am open to suggestions and amendments.

Reading Our Bible

Part of growing in our faith is to learn the basis for our beliefs. What do we believe and why do we believe it that way when another church seems to believe differently? Hmmmm. Want to join me in reading this outrageous, soap opera-ish, life changing story of God and God’s people?

Growing in the Spirit

Jesus had the disciples wait in the holy city for God to give them a gift. When the gift came, it blew them away, literally, as the Holy Spirit perched on each one. Their job was to let it become part of them so that all believers “spoke” the same language. Does the Holy Spirit rest upon you or reside within you?