A Word from the Pastor: July 2019

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Pastor Veronica

A Word from the PastorGenerations to Come!

Our vision statement says our goal is to sustain faithful disciples for generations to come. To continue to make disciples, we can look to some of the Biblical stories to help us prepare for the next generation. Moses spent years training and mentoring Joshua as Joshua worked as his helper. Upon on the event of Moses’ passing, Moses placed his hands upon Joshua and Joshua was acknowledged as the one to lead the Israelites into the promised land. (Deuteronomy 34) Generations later, in 1 Kings 19, we find the story of Elijah where Elijah throws over his mantle upon Elisha, giving Elisha the authority to be a prophet and spends years training under Elijah. As Elijah is taken up into heaven (2 Kings 2), drops his mantle to Elisha, passing on his authority as a prophet of God to him.

For all of us who have leadership jobs within the church, we are not only given authority to do our job and tasked with doing the duties, but we are called to train someone else to do the work we do to be able to take our place in the future so the mission of the church continues to be fulfilled from generation to generation.

I also invite the next generation to be willing to “pick up the mantle” from a leader/mentor in the church. Be willing to learn and grow in your faith and take on the responsibilities and duties. If you are not currently in a leadership position, be willing to accept the challenge. Starting in the fall, we will be looking for new persons to fulfill positions. What if someone “throws the mantle” over you?

Pastor Veronica